Who are we


Idrotherm 2000 with over 40 years of industry experience is a world leader in the production of thermoplastic pipes.

Idrotherm 2000 has a reputation for creating innovative solutions for a large variety of applications. The Company’s products are used extensively for: water supply, fuel gas distribution, in industrial applications, telecommunications, irrigation, geothermal, district heating and sewerage systems.


Idrotherm 2000’s product range has been designed for a wide range of applications including the supply and distribution or disposal of both liquid and gas fluids. The plastic piping systems produced at Idrotherm 2000’s factories are made from polyethylene, polypropylene or special polymers. Our facilities can produce piping in diameters ranging from 16 to 1200mm with mono or multi-layer structures.


Advanced extrusion lines equipped with ultrasound inspection controls define Idrotherm 2000’s world class production system. This enables the Company to produce plastic pipe systems with complex structures to a consistently high standard for our customers worldwide. Idrotherm 2000’s international sales and support network allows our customers to discuss individual project requirements prior to ordering and ensure on time delivery worldwide.


Piping systems are designed for specific needs and environments characterised by special safety regulations through the activities of our R&D team. Targeted and precise requirements of our customers are continuously pursued, thus resulting in advanced, efficient and extremely reliable solutions also for environmental protection.


For the correct installation of its products, Idrotherm 2000 provides the assistance to customers via a team of dedicated technical staff. This is done by developing custom training activities, defining in detail the specifications and limitations of the range available, offering alternative solutions and providing assistance during the development of complex projects.


Idrotherm 2000 has implemented an integrated management system (quality, environment and safety) aimed at continually improving and monitoring its own processes. This constant research and development yields initiatives that produce piping systems that offer the protection of valuable resources such as water, environmental protection from waste products and maximum security in the transport of fuel and gas.