Transport of potable water

Polyethylene pipes PE100 RC - RENOVATION VRC AND VRC BLUE

Polyethylene pipes PE100 RC – RENOVATION VRC and VRC Blue:

  • these are products with polyethylene PE100 RC (MRS 10 MPa) characterised with a high resistance to cracking (resistant to slow crack growth SCG>8760 hours according to the ISO 13479 test and FNCT>8760 hours according to the ISO 16770);
  • they have characteristics which conform to the standards EN 12201 and ISO 4427 whose field of application foresees the distribution in water pressure for human use, including transport before treatments.
  • they are black in colour and have blue coextruded stripes and meet the national hygiene and sanitary regulatory guidelines (Ministerial Decree 21/3/73 and Ministerial Decree n.174 of 6/4/04);
  • they are blue in colour and meet the national hygiene and sanitary regulatory guidelines (Ministerial Decree 21/3/73 and Ministerial Decree n. 174 of 6/4/04);
  • they conform to the requirements of the standard EN 1622 for the organoleptic properties (taste and smell) of supplied water;
  • they conform to the technical specifications: DVGW GW323 and PAS 1075, for the installation without a sand bed, and certified in accordance to PAS 1075;
  • they guarantee an extraordinarily high standard of safety, thanks to the excellent tolerance to surface scratches and on-time loading, ensuring an exceptionally increased lifetime;
  • they constitute the ideal solution for problems related to laying pipelines, contributing to the global reduction of installation and maintenance costs for underground networks (up to 50% saving as compared to traditional laying) whilst still maintaining the advantageous characteristics of polyethylene pipes such as: lightness, flexibility, simple installation.

Conformity to standard requirements is continually assessed both via the advanced control systems active during production (ultrasound equipment) and monitoring if the finished products (physical-mechanical characteristics), as well as via the third part certification issued by international organisms.


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