Polyethylene pipe supply of drinking water

Polyethylene pipes with very high flexibility

Polyethylene pipes for drinking water

The distinctive feature of S-ONE pipes is the exceptional flexibility, resulting from the combination of high-performance thermoplastic materials with an advanced and innovative production technology based on the extrusion of multilayer profiles. The elastic module of the materials used distinguishes the S-ONE pipes for the best ease with which the pipe can be curved, achieving greater practicality in the activities of laying and commissioning and saving in joining costs and working time.
The high flexibility allows extreme bends with minimum effort: compared to a PE100 tube with the same characteristics, a force of at least 3 times less is sufficient to bend an S-ONE tube with the same curvature.

Comparazione prima/dopo utilizzando S-ONE

Conditions of use

S-ONE pipes are available in the SDR 9 size series (SDR = diameter/thickness ratio) and are characterised by long-term hydrostatic pressure resistance, determined in accordance with ISO 17456, which allows them to be used with a maximum continuous operating pressure of 15 bar at 20°C for 50 years of service.

Suitable for the transport of drinking water

S-ONE pipes comply with the hygienic requirements for the supply of drinking water according to the laws in force in most countries and with the requirements of EN 1622 for the preservation of the organoleptic characteristics of water. Compliance with legal and regulatory limits has been certified by CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited third parties.


S-ONE pipes can be assembled either by mechanical junction or by electrofusion, in all cases following the instructions of the fitting manufacturer.
The fitness of the system, consisting of S-ONE pipe and various types of fittings, has been verified and certified by third parties, in accordance with the requirements of EN 12201-5.

In detail:

  • S-One is the multilayer polyethylene pipe compliant with ISO 21004;
  • has physical and mechanical characteristics corresponding to the technical requirements of ISO 4427-2 and UNI EN 12201-2, for the transport of drinking water for human use;
  • complies with the sanitary regulations for the transport of drinking water, in accordance with the laws in force (D.M. n. 174 of 6/4/04);
  • complies with the requirements of UNI EN 1622 to protect and safeguard the organoleptic characteristics (smell and taste) of the transported water;
  • has a high chemical resistance to the action of chlorinated disinfectants, thanks to the use of raw materials that comply with the ASTM F2769 standard.

Compliance with the requirements is regularly checked both through advanced active control systems in production (ultrasonic devices) and on finished products (physical-mechanical characterization) either through third-party certification issued by internationally recognised inspection bodies.

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