ICU Corporate University is aimed at design managers, engineering departments, sales managers, purchasing managers to carry out thematic technical meetings, and address specific questions related to the physical and mechanical characteristics of the products, economic and environmental benefits, the relevant regulations in force in the infrastructure sector networks. ICU Corporate University provides assistance through identifying new application opportunities with different solutions for the sustainable management of the environment and the best “Best Practices” for achieving the objectives defined in the Kyoto Protocol and the European energy policy.

ICU Corporate University aims at the creation, diffusion and the preservation of the typical technical expertise of the activity performed by Idrotherm 2000.ICU Corporate University
punta sulla creazione, diffusione e mantenimento delle competenze tecniche tipiche dell’attività svolta da Idrotherm 2000.

ICU Corporate University is an educational organisation designed to pursue our corporate mission, cultivating learning, knowledge and communication of all those who contribute to business success and to convey the values, professionalism, knowledge that have made Idrotherm 2000.

Our classrooms are places of interaction, socialisation and places to exchange experiences and knowledge. The technical and regulatory training is accompanied by the “Forge of Knowledge”, an area dedicated to training in the field. In an area of over 25,000 square meters between classrooms, laboratories and dedicated technical areas, we offer in-depth, updated courses through frontal Action Learning paths.

The faculty is made up of a team of experienced, qualified and recognised professionals, carefully chosen to ensure a combination of knowledge. Alongside the faculty, leading speakers share their field experience with interesting case studies.

The Scientific Committee composed of members of the Idrotherm 2000 Committee also benefits from academics from the world of education and aims to stimulate, to propose and suggest innovative training courses and guiding stakeholders towards understanding the highest level of development or knowledge so far reached by the technology in the field of networks in thermoplastic materials for water and energy resource management.