Polyethylene pipes in high density that are black with an inner layer that is white in colour in a polyolefin material that has been specifically designed for high abrasion resistance in dredging operations in marine and freshwater environments.


Resistance to abrasion
The material constituting the internal layer of the pipes RENO DREDGE ensures an extraordinary resistance to abrasion (40 times higher than steel), consistent with the long-term performance required for dredging operations, during which the transport of sand, sludge and solid residues of other type, even with high flow velocity, could lead to the erosion of the inner wall of the pipes.

Resistance to chemical corrosion and electrochemical corrosion
The considerable chemical inertia of RENO DREDGE pipes range allows its use in the long term with the mixtures made from sea water and air used in dredging, which are generally very corrosive to the pipes made of metallic materials, whilst safeguarding the integrity of the facilities used over time.

If it is necessary to evaluate the chemical resistance of RENO DREDGE pipes, information can be derived from international guidelines (e.g. ISO / TR 10358).

With the same dimensional characteristics and performance, the RENO DREDGE pipes, of which the base material has a lower density than water, are much lighter than those based on cement and metal, making it much easier and simpler all the operations dredging, which increases the safety of the operators involved.

The remarkable flexibility of RENO DREDGE pipes, thanks to the intrinsic properties of the base material, allow ducts to adapt to the foundations of the seabed, considerably simplifying all the positioning manoeuvres of the dredging lines.

Pressure Drops
The very low roughness coefficient of RENO DREDGE pipes, 5 times lower than that of steel and over 100 times lower than that of cement, considerably reduces the load losses allowing higher flow rates to equal passage section and reducing the execution time of dredging activities.

Impact Resistance
The excellent impact resistance, even at low temperatures, makes it possible to use RENO DREDGE pipes even in the presence of strains due to external forces, e.g. in currents and rough seas, as the walls of the pipes are able to absorb the tensions caused by underwater currents.


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