Polyethylene pipes White Stark PSV

Systems of structured wall pipes in high density polyethylene, with a smooth internal and external surface, with dimensional characteristics and physical-mechanical properties in compliance with UNI EN 13476-2, for exhaust connections and underground sewer collectors not under pressure, to be used both outside and inside the structure of the buildings.

Structure and general characteristics

The WHITE STARK PSV pipes consist of an innovative multilayer structure, based on high density polyethylene, with two co-extruded layers.

The outer layer of black for protection against atmospheric agents and characterized by high modulus of elasticity (high rigidity) for protection against any actions on the outer surface. The white inner layer for CCTV inspection, characterized by high abrasion resistance, excellent chemical and pH resistance.

WHITE STARK PSV polyethylene pipes offer excellent chemical resistance. They are the best solution to eliminate the problem of corrosion produced by sulphuric acid and hydrogen sulfide generated during the operation of sewage drainage systems.

The high abrasion resistance is an additional strength of the WHITE STARK PSV pipes. The high abrasion resistance of the inner layer largely reduces the characteristic phenomenon observed in sewerage systems due to the abrasive effect exerted by wastewater with suspended solids dragged at high speed against the inner walls during their sliding.

Environmental product certification

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The WHITE STARK PSV tubes have obtained the “Plastica Seconda Vita” certification, an environmental product certification system dedicated to materials and products obtained from the valorization of plastic waste from industrial waste regeneration circuits (PSV SI) and separate collection (PSV RD) which refers to the percentages of recycled waste reported in the circular of 4 August 2004, implementation of DM 203/2003 on Green Public Procurement, and the standard UNI EN ISO 14021.

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