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Idrowhere, smart infrastructures

Idrowhere is a cloud-based system for plano-altimetric georeferencing of network infrastructures. Idrowhere is simple, extremely accurate and complete: it allows to detect the pipes installed during installation by integrating to the geographical data the geometric and batch information of the pipeline.

Because Idrowhere application has been designed to be used without having to possess specific computer or topographical knowledge.

Idrowhere uses a GNSS receiver with differential correction RTK system and achieves centrimetric accuracy.

Because in addition to geographic location, other pipes information (such as production and geometrical data) are stored in the cloud. These are immediately available to the designer for the reconstruction of the as-built.


  • Georenferences pipe networks with centimetric1 accuracy in a simple and fast way.
  • It improves and completes the cartographic base by integrating piping installation and production data.
  • It allows real-time monitoring of the site progress remotely.
  • Allows the verification of the correct type of installed pipeline provided by the project.
  • The integration of WebServies allows the processing of as-built with the most popular civil design software.
  • It integrates the documentation associated with the installed product, available on Idrowhere Cloud.
  • It hepls the programming of network maintenance activities thanks to data acquired during installation.rante la posa.

Idrowhere in 3 step

Scan Idrowhere Code
During the installation it scans the code to acquire the technical parameters of the pipeline (dimensional characteristics and production batch) and its plano-altimetric position with centimetric precision. The data will be automatically sent to Idrowhere Cloud.

Check for the right products
Follow the progress of the construction site, download the technical documentation and certificates 3.1 independently through the web portal Idrowhere Cloud in the reserved area at your disposal.

Download the GIS data
Use aggregate information for as-built project reconstruction using popular BIM and GIS software.

1. Centimetric accuracy is achieved with the help of supported devices also available for hire.

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