Monolayer piping system made in polypropylene with high elastic modulus (PP-HM) white in colour with burnt orange identification stripes (other colours on request), conforms to EN 1852-1 standard for underground drains and not under pressure sewers both outside and inside the structure of the buildings, including coupling sleeves equipped with EPDM ring seal.

The multiple advantages of the HM-STARK system make it suitable for a wide range of applications. In addition to the use for normal waste pipes and sewerage systems, special situations such as maximum load resistance or adverse laying conditions
can be fully successfully addressed thanks to the HM-STARK system.

Some examples of HM-STARK application are:

  • for any types of ducts (black water, rainwater, roads, airports, road and railway tunnels)
  • or for low temperature poses without the danger of breakage due to the high impact resistance of the material
  • or in industrial discharges in the presence of chemically aggressive substances
  • or for installation in areas subject to heavy traffic (SLW 60) and airports
  • or in case of temperature changes of the fluids transported with peaks up to 90 °C (industrial areas, large kitchens,
  • or for poses with very high slope due to the exceptional resistance to abrasion
  • or for poses with reduced slope thanks to the high longitudinal rigidity and extremely smooth internal walls
  • or for poses in muddy and generally difficult soils and for each filling height
  • or in case of extremely high sealing requirements for water protection areas

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