MEDIUM TO HIGH DENSITY Polyethylene pipes for irrigation

Medium to High Density Polyethylene pipes, black in colour, for irrigation systems with self-propelled machines in all agriculture and horticulture contexts.

The IDROPLUS pipes are available in a wide variety of formats for diameter, thickness, length of coils and are characterised by their: high flexibility, extraordinary lightness, outstanding resistance to corrosion, high strength hydraulics and their exceptional resistance to environmental stress cracking.

The versatility of modern self-propelled irrigation machines allows to have the best performance for irrigation, it is considered as the best solution for every type of cultivation, by virtue of the similarity with the natural phenomenon.

IDROPLUS pipes are made of materials resistant to solar radiation and oxidisation, they resist attacks by microorganisms and moulds, tolerate saline water, acids and alkaline solutions normally used in agriculture and are characterised by high consistency of the diameter and of the wall thickness.

The main advantages connected with the usage of IDROPLUS coils are:

  • the versatility of polyethylene pipes: the different formats from Ø 63 to 160 mm allow to have excellent solutions in terms of resistance to traction, also ensuring high flow rates, in soils of any type.
  • saving water: it is possible to reduce any minimum waste of water for each vegetative stage through controlled distribution and uniform characteristics of the system with rain (contrary to what happens with the drip irrigation system).
  • the reduction of irrigation costs: the analysis of the irrigation costs on different crops always provides inferior results in the case of sprinkler irrigation, in view of the high investment and charges instead required by the use of drip systems.


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