Industrial Applications

Polyethylene pipes PE100 – RENO 100 INDUSTRY

The range of pipes in polyethylene Reno 100 Industry for industrial applications (installation above ground) are used in sectors regarding the transport of liquids and gaseous fluids as well as solid matter in fluids, which conform with the EN ISO 15494 standard.

Pipes in polyethylene for industrial use are completely black, although other solutions may be agreed upon with the customer.

Some of the characteristic sectors are:

  • chemical systems (saline, acidic and alkaline solutions, etc.)
  • industrial engineering (cooling and the supply of water for general usage)
  • electroplating and pickling plants semiconductor industry
  • water treatment
  • fire-fighting systems (underground installations)
  • compressed air distribution lines, underground or overhead
  • agricultural production systems
  • waste disposal

The polyethylene piping system allows an increased level of safety thanks to the increased resistance to aggressive chemical substances and the excellent hydraulic seal guaranteed by various welding techniques. Also the reliability of the system involves an extreme reduction in the number of maintenance and repair interventions.

Many things need to be taken into consideration when looking at the design of piping systems, among these various considerations, the temperature and the pressure use, the chemical resistance of polyethylene to the fluid (to be evaluated according to the ISO / TR 10358 standard), the design factor required, the influence of the variations in length and the type of installation (fixed, floating, etc.).


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