Battipaglia e Bellizzi

Installation of Renovation VRC+ Multilayer Pe-100-rc Polyethylene pipes
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Numerous projects started recently in southern Italy for the restructuring of free-surface irrigation networks (also used for drainage of waste water meteoric), resulted in growth opportunities for agricultural development and the reduction of resource wastage water distribution systems. Major environmental and agronomic benefits were prosecuted thanks to the recovery of huge volumes of water, previously dumped at sea.

One of the most impressive projects was developed by the Bonifica Destra Consortium river Sele in Battipaglia & Bellizzi municipalities in the south of Salerno: 300 hectares on the right embankment of the river Tusciano with the installation of a water pumping station driven by electric pumps and a tank of about 5400 cubic meters for irrigation. The choice of the pipelines, for a total of about 21 km, fell on Renovation VRC + multilayer pipes PE100-RC with external layer of blue colour in the range from DN125 to DN630 (SDR 11) according to UNI EN 12201-2 and to technical specification PAS 1075 (type 2).


Thanks to this realisation global savings of 723,600 cubic meters of water has been calculated, without taking into account losses along irrigation networks free surface from evaporation especially in summer. Further advantages are the results related to a general decline in the management costs, the wide possibility of adding connections with the service pipes for the new users and to a better and more reliable hydraulic continuity of the network by virtue of the butt welding of pipes and special pieces made entirely of PE100-RC.

Consorzio Bonifica Destra Fiume Sele
15 August 2014
Comuni di Battipaglia e Bellizzi