Drainage & Sewerage


Polyethylene pipes WHITE STARK:

  • are products with high density PE polyethylene and have characteristics which conform to the standard UNI EN 13476-2, whose scope is primarily intended for sewers (including depression);
  • they are characterised by a three-layer structure, of which the inside and the outside are white in colour;
  • they can be used in underground pipelines, cutlery in water, access to the sea, above the ground (including the suspension under bridges) and thanks to the external white colour it beats the effects of solar irradiation;
  • they are characterised by maximum simplicity and reliability in joining and laying operations thanks to the characteristic properties of polyethylene including: lightness, flexibility, simplicity of junction and resistance to corrosion;
  • they adapt to any possible adjustments in the laying plan;
  • they have a high capacity to self-clean even at low gradients and speeds;
  • they guarantee high flow velocities, permitted by the excellent resistance to abrasion;
  • they ensure elevated chemical inertness guaranteed by the constancy of the hydraulic performance.

The absolute water tightness of the system, arising from junctions also obtained by electrofusion, provides the advantage of installation in the vicinity of drinking water networks, without the requirement of compliance with the safety distances required for the traditional systems, with a consequent considerable reduction of the costs both at the stage of installation as well in subsequent maintenance operations.


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