Simply Fit

Polyethylene tube with welded joint

Polyethylene pipe with welded sleeve

Simply Fit is a complete pipe and socket fitting system, third-party certified as UNI EN 12201-5 compliant, allowing safe, quick, and reliable installation of polyethylene networks for the transport and supply of drinking or pre-treated water, drainage and sewerage under pressure. Simply Fit consists of:

  • Polyethylene pipe available in PE100, PE100 RC (with high resistance to cracking) or PE100 RD (with high resistance to chlorinated disinfectants), compliant with UNI EN 12201-2, ISO 4427-2, UNI EN 1622 and UNI EN ISO 15494 standards.
  • PE100 or PE100 RC injection moulded joint.
  • Acetal resin anti-slip ring for non-reverse coupling.
  • EPDM rubber lip seal for hydraulic sealing.


  • Potable water
  • Waste water
  • Industrial plants
  • Agricolture
  • Fire protection systems
  • Cable protection


  • No qualification needed
  • Installation in any weather and on any terrain
  • Fast and affordable installation
  • Reduced hazards for operators

Piping compatibility:

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