Tubazioni in PE100-RC multistrato per applicazioni industriali


PE100 RC (MRS 10) polyethylene pipes with very high crack resistance with multilayer structure (black inner layer and red outer layer) for use in pipelines for industrial applications above and below the ground and underground fire protection systems, with characteristics in accordance with UNI EN ISO 15494 and PAS 1075 (Type 2).

Fields of application

RENOVATION VRC+ INDUSTRIA pipes can be used in industrial pipelines, even above the ground, for the transport of liquids, gaseous fluids and solid materials in fluids, in sectors such as:

  • chemical plants
  • industrial discharges
  • energy sector (cooling water and water for general use)
  • mines
  • electroplating and pickling equipment
  • semiconductor industry
  • agricultural production facilities
  • fire prevention (underground systems)
  • water treatment
  • geothermal

The RENOVATION VRC+ INDUSTRIA pipes comply with the requirements of UNI 10779 for the construction of fire water systems permanently buried under pressure (the nominal pressure of the system components in this case must not be less than 1.2 MPa).

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