Industrial Applications – Drainage & Sewerage


Polypropylene pipes with HM-EXTRAFORT multilayer pipes are produced using high modulus polypropylene (PP-HM) as base material, characterised by a particularly high elastic modulus (E>2000 MPa), which fulfils all the requirements of the UNI EN 13476 standard:

  • excellent resistance to impact (even at a low temperature);
  • ring stiffness higher than nominal values;
  • considerable chemical inertia for a use in long durations in the range of pH 2-13 and with a wide range of potentially aggressive industrial fluids;
  • high thermal resistance with an application range from -20 ° C to peaks of 95 ° C (extremely low longitudinal thermal expansion);
  • perfect hydraulic seal of the pipe-fitting system guaranteed by a special locking mechanism (Safety Lock) which excludes the risk of accidental disconnection of the elements during the assembly and gives a durable inner elastomeric sealing ring in EPDM which ensures the seal even in the case of deformation or bending of the pipeline of the pipeline;
  • low roughness coefficient of the inner surface, thus eliminating the problem of encrustations and deposits that could impede the flow of the transported fluid;
  • high resistance to abrasion, coherently with the requested long-term performance, with the possibility for transporting fluids at high flow velocity;
  • reduced weight as in respect with waste pipes produced with other materials, making them the most cost-effective solution on the market;
  • wide availability of connections of each type and simplicity of junction.

HM-EXTRAFORT pipes can be used for underground non pressure applications, both inside and outside buildings, and for industrial fluids also.

The multilayer structure of HM-EXTRAFORT pipes are produced with an internal white layer for CCTV inspection, a middle layer with added inorganic filters and a brown-orange outer layer.


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