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Polyethylene Pipes for all range of applications

Transportation of Water

Pipes in Polyethylene for the transport of drinking water, for installations without sand bed or no-dig technology.

Transportation of Gaseous Fuels

Polyethylene pipes for underground pipelines that supply gaseous fuels.


Polyethylene pipes used for fixed and portable irrigation systems in agricultural settings, a reliable and long term solution.


Polyethylene pipes for the transport of liquid and gaseous streams, with installations above ground or buried.

Drainage and Sewerage

Polyethylene pressure pipes for sewers. for discharges inside and within the structure of the buildings.

Biogas and Drainage

Polyethylene pipes for the exploitation of biogas and biomass, used for the production of electricity.


Polyethylene pipes for the protection of cables and fiber-optics in telecommunications.

Hot Water and Heating

Polyethylene pipes for the transport of hot water within buildings, in floor heating and radiator connections.

The company

Idrotherm 2000, with more than 40 years of sector knowledge is a world leader in the production of thermoplastic pipes. Idrotherm 2000 has a name for developing modern options for a large selection of uses. The Company's products are used commonly for: water supply, fuel gas distribution, in industrial applications, telecommunications, irrigation, geothermal, district heating and sewerage systems.

The solutions

Idrotherm 2000's product range has been designed for a wide array of applications such as the supply and distribution or disposal of liquid as well as gas fluids. The plastic piping systems manufactured at Idrotherm 2000's factories are made from polyethylene, polypropylene or special polymers. Our factories can produce pipes in diameters varying from 16 to 1200mm with mono or multi-layer designs.

Efficiency, flexibility and assistance

State-of-the-art extrusion lines set up with ultrasound evaluation controls determine Idrotherm 2000's world class manufacturing system. This allows the Company to realize plastic pipe systems with elaborate constructions to a consistently high standard for our clients around the world. Idrotherm 2000's global sales and assistance network enables our customers to go over individual project specifications before ordering and make sure on time delivery around the world.

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Quality, Environment and Safety are the keys to Our Work

Idrotherm 2000 has implemented an integrated management system (quality, environment and safety) to aim for continuous improvement and monitoring of its processes.

Furthermore, it launches initiatives focussed on the research and development to provide, also through the distribution of their pipes, maximum protection.

Why choose IDROTHERM 2000

With over 40 years of industry experience we are a World Leader in the Production of Thermoplastic Pipes. Quality, Innovation, Training, Sustainability, Safety, Social Responsability are the Keywords of Our Mission

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Our Commitment

We are commited to develop the best quality products, through maximum innovation planning and respect for the environment. Our pipes guarantee effective protection for precious resources such as drinking waters.

Environment and Safety

We use the most modern and advanced solutions to ensure the quality and full reliability of Our Products with a view to continuous improvement, protecting the health and safety of our staff and operating with a maximum respect to the environment and in total conformity with the applicable regulations.

Social responsibility

We believe that the promotion of Human, Social, Political, Cultural, Religious and Economic Rights should constitute an integral part of managing its production and economic processes.


We can guarantee for Our Products much less environmental impact than for pipes of equivalent diameter made from other materials. Our Products also guarantee a better performance as a consequence of less accidental breakage incidents.

Life Cycle Assessment

At the end of their life cycle, these products can be recycled and reclaimed for use in other sectors or, alternatively, their energy content can be used in appropriate plants.


We choose our raw material suppliers among those complaining to the EC Regulation no.1907/2006 (REACH), concerning the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemical substances used.

Our Projects

Monte Bianco Tunnel


EXPO 2015 Hydro Network


Milan Gas Network


High Quality Products

The pipes produced by Idrotherm 2000 ensure maximum protection of valuable resources such as drinking water and offer complete safety in the transportation of combustible gases and drains of all kinds and are designed to meet the conditions of application of the most complex projects.

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